service url status comment
scootbot ??? offline the premier skype chatbot, slated to die in december
scootbot 2.0 ??? offline JS > C#, slack > skype, auto-restart > wishful reliability
anime hype ladder online keeping you up to date on all the hype since 2014
amazon ec2 instance offline decommissioned due to government shutdown
gilgichat 2.0 offline new and improved, feat. meteor
organic chemistry engine online still in development
cloud computing service online because why not
scgs google code repository offline decommissioned in favor of git
counter-strike: source scrim server offline accepting all challengers
file index offline now with dropbox integration
domain services provider offline helping everyone else out
forums offline forums for literally everything on the network can be found here
google cloud storage proxy online invite-only
private github pages proxy online an actually useful tool for once?
git server offline down, moved to github
irc server offline down, talk to us in #awesomepeoplesecretchat on coldfront
minecraft map offline will be compressed, moved, and back up soon
minecraft server offline brand new and ready for action
experimental webchat offline + node.js tech demo, replaced by gilgichat 2.0
princeton university walking navigation offline lost in the sands of time
pypi server online well stocked with cool packages
roman chickens online the acclaimed webcomic
scoot's canoe game studios offline down, site currently in development
scoot's canoe labs online creators of sccms and sitestatus
scoot's canoe online the world-class gaming organization
stronghold kingdoms trading system offline back from the dead after two months of downtime
status site online this site; pretty directory coming soon?
svn server offline decommissioned in favor of git
terraria server offline because 2d is the new 3d
bittorrent tracker offline copy link location
teamspeak server offline cloud hosted for extra uptime
ventrilo server offline vi sitter här i venten...
descent: vindication pre-alpha offline down, will be back up on new scgs site soon
general-purpose wiki offline still not sure why this is useful...
landing page online new and improved

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